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Zeynep Altmisoglu is a product designer based in Istanbul, Turkey. 

She believes in design as an experience – a crossroads of function and aesthetic, logic and emotion. Respects materials in their physical and tactile qualities. Creates functions that are unexpected and clever. Helping to add meaningful details into people's lives, her work turns daily needs and gestures, into thoughtful moments and experiences.

Zeynep aims at making life a better place to live and evolve, whether creating industrial or luxury goods, limited edition or mass-produced items. She is experienced in diverse fields ranging from tableware, household appliances, electronic devices to furniture and packaging design.

She earned a Bachelor’s in Industrial Product Design from Istanbul Technical University. She has worked with clients such as 3S Electronics, MG Design, Dekorcam Glassware, Arda Glassware ...



Zeynep Altmisoglu Design Studio

Istanbul. Turkey.


T. +90 555 3929889

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